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Are you keeping with with where coaching is going or being left behind? Are you ready to become the coach you are meant to be, to unlock your and your clients' full potential and prosperity while differentiating yourself in the marketplace? $1497 for a "2 in 1" at half the price of individual mentor coaching in this global cohort!
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  • The coaching market continues to expand. How are you positioning yourself for future success? Organizations are increasingly booking credentialed, culturally intelligent coaches through coach brokers to meet market demand.
  • Time to increase your confidence in your coaching and cultural competencies and the ICF credentialing process to go to the next level in your coaching? (99% credentialing success rate!).
  • Wanting to unlock your potential,fully utilize your gifts as a coach for maximum impact and income, yet uncertain about the credentialing process or cultural differences? (“It is impossible to not work interculturally!” Even in your own community! Marilyn) “I want to make it easier and more fun for you!”
  • I am passionately committed to your mastery of the International Coach Federation coaching competencies in a culturally competent manner, as you confidently move through your credentialing and further develop your unique style.
  • Experience this exclusive, cutting edge, business expanding, unique combination of coaching and cultural competencies!

Where will this take me?

An opportunity for you to:

  • Earn more! Credentialed coaches reported higher fees and annual income plus increased client satisfaction, according to the 2017 ICF Price Waterhouse Cooper Global Coaching Study.
  • Increase your business! 81% of consumers rate credentialing as important or very important. More organizations and governments are requiring an ICF credential for their coaches. Plus, do not miss out on business opportunities due to unknown cultural bias!
  • Deepen and strengthen your coaching and cultural competency mastery; your unique style and confidence for greater impact with those you serve
  • Completion of the 10 hour International Coach Federation mentor coaching requirement AND Earn 10 hours ICF Continuing Coach Education of core competency toward credentialing or renewal. Earn even more CCEs by reading your Coaches Guide to Becoming Culturally Confident, 31 pages designed to give you that added cultural edge so crucial in our diverse, global world + reviewing MCC coach recordings with our unique feedback tool.
  • Receive impactful written and oral feedback from an experienced Master Certified Coach and your colleagues from diverse trainings, styles, experience and backgrounds. (or contact me for individual mentor coaching!)


--- Participant from China

“I had the pleasure of participating in Marilyn’s Culturally Confident Virtual Mentoring Program, and grew my coaching skills and abilities by quantum leaps. The importance of our clients’ culture was crystallized as well and how they relate to the ICF coaching competencies which clearly sets apart this mentoring program from all the rest. I was told when I was looking for a mentor coach, that there was none better than Marilyn and they were right!”

Anne Quiello

"Marilyn brings her wisdom and expertise to the group with such compassion and openness that she eloquently enables each participant to grow and stretch and become a more confident coach. I highly recommend Marilyn and her mentor coaching program.”

Dr. Eve Agee, Bestselling Author, Anthropologist and Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy

Marilyn, you have an amazingly peaceful presence that invades all our calls.  I find this creates a safe space for me to explore, comment and ask questions.  You also have a great belief in our capability as coaches and this is encouraging.

Tiffany Carlsen, United Kingdom

“Marilyn O’Hearne is a gifted coach who models the ICF competencies in all she does with her mentoring clients, and challenges her mentees to take their coaching to the next level through understanding and honoring the cultural uniqueness of each client.”


Marilyn is a great group moderator. Her feedback, both verbal and written, is excellent. Her program is well worth the time, effort, and money!’


“She does all of this in the most graceful way, hitting on each core competency flawlessly and appropriately. Marilyn has been a student of culture and knows how to teach and coach others to do the same.”


“The cultural packet and inclusion of the cultural competencies in the feedback is very instructive and has helped me to be more sensitive to the uniqueness of each client. I loved the initial questions about my cultural background.”


What is offered in this three month program?

  • 7 one hour live, recorded mentor group phone coaching sessions.
  • 3 one hour live, recorded individual mentor coaching sessions
  • These include recorded coaching session reviews (with clients’ permission)
  • Practice coaching in between sessions with your peers
  • Celebration of successes, and the joy of learning and development with your peers as you receive oral and written feedback!
  • The Coaches Guide To Becoming Culturally Confident based on research and my expertise in the field including MCC since 2015, Mentor Coach and Trainer since 2003, 6 years on the ICF Global Board; co-authoring a chapter on “The Intersection of Culture and Ethics” in Law and Ethics in Coaching and writing Breaking Free from Bias.
  • Private Facebook or Linkedin group to interact with your peers and build community (from all over the world)

Group size is limited to a maximum of 10 participants for hourly group option  Are you one of the 10?

Want to know more? Call me 1-913-327-0611 or Skype me marilyn.o.hearne

Program Agreement and Investment:

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$1497 US for the three month program or contact me for other payment options

The group is a huge savings over individual mentoring: Half the price for a "two for one" (coaching +cultural competencies)! The investment for this program will be increasing!

Next group starting: January, 2019 (Sign up now to ensure your place and your investment in your business, it is already filling!): meeting seven times (8am Central Time, US, 10pm Shanghai, 2pm London; Tuesdays 22 January; 5 and 19 February; 5 and 19 March; 2 and 16 April) plus three individual sessions to be scheduled between Marilyn and each coach participant at our mutual convenience.

Contact me   to schedule  your 3 individual coaching sessions as part of the program.

OR ask me about creating your own group of selected colleagues at your desired time! Or individual mentor coaching!

Why choose me as your mentor coach?

  • Our unique, exclusive integration of cultural and coaching competencies is designed to expand your reach and deepen your impact and service to your clients. I incorporate cultural competencies, recognizing and honoring the differences amongst cultures, in all my work. I have developed and use in this program a feedback form that integrates coaching and cultural competencies, as well as The Coaches Guide To Becoming Culturally Confident, thirty pages packed with useful resources. I have lived and worked in other cultures, coached in 28 countries, been trained at the Intercultural Communication Institute, coach United Nations leaders, participated in the Association of Coach Training Organization's (ACTO) Cultural Awareness, Power and Privilege Task Force, and served on the Advisory Team for the ICF Advance Cultural Competency Event.
  • Confident ICF Credentialing: The vast majority of my advanced coaching students have surpassed expectations of not only passing their ICF exams but also ending up near the next level of credentialing. (For experienced coaches who have not yet gone through the credentialing process or need to renew their ACC or move to the next level of credentialing) 99% Pass rate!
  • You are in good hands: I fell in love with coaching in '98, have served as trainer and mentor of hundreds of coaches (live and virtual, in 2 programs) since 2003 and earned my ICF MCC in 2005.
  • 2015 Thomas Leonard Achievement Award Recipient: Honoring Visionary, Innovative Coaches
  • I love to learn and completed training in 2013 in Immunity to Change; a new Team Coaching model and Doug Silsbee's Presence based coaching. In 2014 I spent 3 months in Asia Pacific, including presenting at the Asia Pacific Coaching Conference and receiving my Advanced Diploma in Deep Transformational Coaching in Bali while contributing to that training. 2015 I participated in an Afro-Cuban Cultural Tour of Cuba to learn about that culture.
  • I easily stay up to date on coaching trends as a leader in the profession. I completed my 6 years on the ICF Global Board in December 2012, followed by ACTO board service. See the ICF website, www.coachfederation.org for more information on credentialing requirements and mentoring.
  • Clients and trainees describe me as “a gentle, spiritual soul, and yet powerful and provocative at the same time.” “Marilyn’s gentle strength, warmth, humor, integrity, and excellent communication promote the trust required for producing sustained results; providing a secure foundation while challenging clients to be their best.”
  • I have created an entire 7 hour course to fully address the ICF Core Competency of Direct Communication, starting with cultural differences."I can really see how the Direct Communications course is helping me improve in *every* competency. As I continue to build my practice, this course is turning out to be one of the most valuable I have taken!" —Becky Blitch
  • While participants with different spiritual beliefs are drawn to our program, I am a Certified Master Christian Coach and Assessor through Christian Coaching Network International.
  • July 2018 Global Coaching Supervision Certification

My program is designed to strengthen key competencies and areas for development that exam assessors, including myself, have identified. This mentor group coaching experience is designed to hone competencies which typically are overlooked, including Direct Communication, while increasing your confidence in both competencies: coaching and culture.

You qualify for this program if you:

  • Currently are coaching
  • Have either completed or are close to completing the other ICF ACC, PCC or MCC requirements. Click here for a PDF of requirements.
  • Have completed a minimum of 60 hours coach training and 100 hours of coaching

Note: As you can see on the link above, if you have completed an ICF ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program), your mentor coaching requirement has been satisfied. If, like me, you graduated from a program before it was ACTP (1999 for me!) and/or received your training through a variety of programs and are applying for ICF credentials as a PA (Portfolio Applicant), or through an ACSTH that does not offer mentor coaching, you will need 10 hours of mentor coaching, 7 of which can be in a group, which this program meets. If you are applying for ACC renewal, you will need 10 more mentor coaching hours. If you aspire to achieve MCC status, you will need to be mentored by an MCC. Or you may just want the development opportunity in a select community of coaches, with the added cultural edge, gaining 10+ hours of ICF continuing coach education!

Why the ICF credential? Branding, credibility: An ICF credential demonstrates rigor, integrity, and increased opportunities, is internationally recognized and, with some organizations, required.

Contact me to register for the mentor coaching group and to schedule  your 3 individual coaching sessions

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“I joined Marilyn’s Culturally Confident Mentor Group program because I wanted to uplevel my coaching skills and feel better prepared to apply for my PCC accreditation. Marilyn’s mentor coach style is gentle yet direct with some very practical techniques I could immediately apply with my clients. I noticed a BIG improvement in my skills and my clients did too! Please give yourself a gift and work with Marilyn like I did. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your clients. ”

- Jenna Stoliker